Teenaged Terrorists Scar
the Old West In a Quest
for Vengeance

African-American and Native-American Old West Outlaws

“From 1894 to 1895, organized bands of renegades and fugitives from justice swept the nations of the Five Civilized Tribes… These were the waning years of Isaac Charles Parker’s tenure as judge of the United States district and circuit courts for the Western district of Arkansas at Fort Smith…

“The Daltons met disaster while robbing two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1892. The Henry Starr gang was broken up in 1893, and Starr himself languished in jail at Fort Smith…The Bill Cook-Cherokee Bill marauders looted and killed for six months… before being brought to an inevitable end…

“It was the five-member Rufus Buck gang, however, who wrote the most frightening, if not the most heinous, chapter in Indian Territory outlawry.”

- Glenn Shirley, “Thirteen Days of Terror: The Rufus Buck Gang in Indian Territory”