At the End of the Indian Nation,
Black, White and Red Worlds Collide

Lawman of old west often seen in westerns
“Hanging Judge” Isaac C. Parker; Notorious half-black, half-Indian outlaw Cherokee Bill; one-quarter Cherokee “gentlemen bandit” Henry Starr, relative of the notorious Belle Starr; and the worst of them all—half black, half Creek Indian Rufus Buck. These real-life historical figures collided during the fateful summer of 1895.

In lawless Indian Territory—today’s Oklahoma—the end of an era approached. The Indian Territory now housed more white men than Indians. The U.S. government continued to open more land for settlement. Judge Isaac C. Parker’s judicial tyranny over the entire 74,000 square mile Indian Territory was curtailed by a newly intrusive United States Supreme Court.

Against this background, the last and most notorious of the Indian Territory badmen embarked on their vicious, childish, and deadly rampage.